What is Cloud Gin?

What is Cloud Gin?

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A group of like minded individuals with an enthusiasm for Gin and a passion for unwinding. Masterminded in the heart of Yorkshire by two brothers; Sam, a researcher, and Henry, an inventor. The idea came to them when relaxing with a couple of G&Ts at the end of a long day. Always thinking of alcohol as a means of loosening the tongue and calming social anxiety, they drew similarities between alcohol and the effects of CBD.

So, on a warm evening, not so long ago; relaxing and unwinding, drinking a crisp G&T the idea was hatched and Cloud Gin was born...


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound from the Cannabis sativa plant and has found footing with a growing international audience for its reported benefits in reducing anxiety, inflammation and as an antioxidant.

We want to deliver a new experience through a classic medium, using innovative techniques to seamlessly integrate the new and the old.

Cloud Gin smoothly eases you into a new experience, bringing you the next generation of gin through the vessel of our mastercrafted flavour.

Clean, Rich, Complex

Engineered to complement the soft botanical profile of Cannabidiol extract, Cloud Gin delivers an expert blend of citrus, floral, rich fruit and botanical flavours.

Clean, brilliant waves of lemongrass and rose petals play on both the nose and tongue, giving way to a rolling blend of dark berries.

The quintessential botanicals of juniper, coriander and pepper with a twist of blueberry bring the unmistakable familiarity of gin, yet not as you know it.

Unrivalled Smoothness

Distilled to soften the characteristic bite of gin and develop a flavour with unusual depth and complexity. Perfect with tonic, in a cocktail, neat, or over ice, Cloud Gin is created to be slowly savoured, a true sipping gin.